Heliotrope Hotel
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We know how important it is to travel with "the whole family" - that's why we have special rooms for you and your pup. Plus a great yard. Learn more!

Traveling with your furry friends?

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We welcome well-mannered, friendly pets

in OUR designated pet rooms.

We even have treats for them in the Hub!

Pet owners are responsible for notifying and booking a pet friendly room in advance and paying an additional $25 pet fee per pet. We ask that owners clean up all pet refuse, as well as cleaning pet before coming indoors (old towels are provided by request, or you can bring your own). We ask that pets not be allowed on any furniture - especially and including beds - at any time. We encourage you to bring your pet's bed, and any other accessories (e.g. food or water dishes, a scratching post for a cat). Pets may never be left unattended in rooms, and must be on leash at all times when outside the room. Pets are welcome to spend time in the wooded area in the back, but we ask them to please not enter The Yard.

Thank you - we look forward to hosting you and your companions!