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Best Bellingham Restaurants | Where to Eat in Bellingham | Heliotrope Hotel

Here are a few of our favorite restaurants in Bellingham - from caffienated beverages and artisanal breads to a wide selection of food trucks and international beers.


Food & Beverage

Bellingham features restaurants, bars, cafes, breweries and more for every taste  to keep you happily well-fed. While we'll feature a few of our favorites on this page, please see our Food and Beverage guide here for ideas. 


BELLINGHAM CIDER CO – 205 PROSPECT ST (6 min bus ride, 13 min walk from the Heliotrope)

We’re really excited about this place. Bellingham Cider Company is situated in the back of the Sylvia Center, a recently remodeled historic building dedicated to the performing arts. Bellingham Cider Company is the perfect pairing – a world-class cidery operation serving a dinner and brunch menu that absolutely stuns.

If you’re staying with us, make sure to ask our staff for a Heliotrope Guest discount if you’d like to visit the cidery. It is all ages and has one of the best views of the Bellingham Waterfront.

CAMBER – 221 W HOLLY ST (8 min bus ride, 20 min walk from the Heliotrope)

Are you looking for world-class coffee and tea, but you'd also like the option of sampling a variety of rotating craft beers. Someone in your party wants a wine selection? You're all feeling a bit hungry, and a loaf of artisanal bread, bowl of manilla clams, and pasta appeals. And wouldn't a milkshake round all of that off nicely? 

With its array of carefully curated offerings, Camber fulfills most culinary and drink desires. On an historic corner in the heart of downtown Bellingham, this cafe and restaurant offers a beautiful atmosphere paired with an impeccable menu of bites and drinks.

ELIZABETH STATION – 1400 W HOLLY ST (8 min walk from the Heliotrope)

Elizabeth Station's beer selection features regional beers from up and down the west coast, imports from Europe and Asia, a wine room, and a cider room. Throughout the week they feature various local food trucks, and serve an eclectic array of waffles on Sundays. Plus, Elizabeth Station is kid-friendly (and dog-friendly in their outdoor seating) – so stroll over after checking in for all sorts of libations and vittles.