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Mi Rancho: Bellingham's $1 Taco

Visiting Mi Rancho is like transporting oneself to Mexico. You walk back out the door, and BOOM, you’re back in Bellingham, in a strip mall by Yeager’s outdoor store. A butcher shop, bodega, and restaurant, Mi Rancho’s heart is the meat and butchery. If ordering tacos to go, just talk to the friendly fellows here working behind the impressive meat display case. I’ve ordered 40 tacos for a hungry work crew, taken 20 tacos to a potluck, and five at a time for a quick lunch. These tacos are about the best I’ve had. This is no Taco Bell. Served with soft shells, five meats to choose from, and spare vegetables and great condiments, the flavors will take you far south of here, and for only $1 a piece. 


If you choose to dine in and are fortunate enough to find an open table, you can watch a telenovela or a soccer match while eating your tacos, chips, and beans, and can enjoy pleasant cacophony other local restaurants cannot offer. If in the mood to shop, stock up on pastries, masa, corn husks, and all manner of Mexican products in their new, expanded store. This is a hive of neighborhood activity and a cultural mix you won’t find elsewhere in Bellingham. 

Save the plane ticket. For a dollar a taco you can experience authentic Hispanic culture and quality Mexican food right here in Bellingham.

Mi Rancho is located less than a mile directly north of The Heliotrope. 

- written by Peter Frazier, Heliotrope Hotel owner and fan of good tacos