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The Hotel that Let me Fall Back in Love with Bellingham

A guest blog post by business traveler Will Beeler of Conversica - check out our deals page for business travel discounts

A little over nine years ago, I moved to Bellingham for college. I was immediately drawn to the tree-lined campus of Western Washington University snuggled up between the hills. Every day, I found myself walking through the raw beauty of evergreen bathed in rain water. I breathed in deep and soaked up the smell of damp earth every chance I got. It was wonderful. It was a part of my life that I wanted to last forever, but soon enough I had to enter the professional world.

As I neared the end of school, I stumbled into a programming job at a startup in downtown Bellingham. My life became an adrenaline-filled high of coding and putting out fires day and night. After a few years, I decided it was time to mix it up and transfer to Seattle. My work life started to fall into an rhythm, but I found myself aching for Bellingham. Luckily, my position allowed me to take mid-week trips to the Bellingham office to keep the two locations on the same page. This made sense for both me and my team, so I found myself doing this often.

When I first started going up to Bellingham, I stayed with friends or found a cheap hotel, but I found myself wanting something that better matched the city’s character. I did some more searching and stumbled upon The Heliotrope. I was immediately drawn to the modern vibe, and I loved how close the hotel was to my favorite parts of Bellingham. It was reasonably priced as well, so I gave it a try.

It turns out that a weekly visit is just often enough to get all my favorite restaurants and breweries in rotation and The Heliotrope is close enough to downtown that I can easily walk, or rollerblade, there to meet up with friends. In the evenings, when I get back to the hotel, I find myself drawn to the lively fire pit where I can spend all night playing guitar and getting lost in conversation with strangers.

Business traveler Will Beeler of Conversica winds down by The Heliotrope nightly fire

Business traveler Will Beeler of Conversica winds down by The Heliotrope nightly fire

I love that The Heliotrope emails me the door code before arriving - a great way to check-in or out on my own time and avoid any lines at the concierge. Plus, I can start my day off right with a cup of complimentary coffee or tea to sip during my drive to work.

I have been staying as The Heliotrope for months now, and I have no plans of staying anywhere else. The place has an enchanting atmosphere that is always bringing in new people who love Bellingham as much as I do.The Heliotrope makes me feel like I am living in Bellingham again, and that is a feeling I truly missed.

Dylan Green