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A Very Bellingham Valentine's Day

The Proprietress and Senior Designer of Spruce, a delightful party shop downtown, gives us some Valentine’s Day suggestions.

Valentine’s day is right around the corner, so let us help you make this year the best ever.

Celebrating your partner or BFF isn’t exclusive to February 14th, but it IS a perfect excuse to stay in or go all out.

We love to have sips and small bites over a few different places to stretch the night out and get in all of our favorites (like late night garlic fries!). Break up all those drinks + nibbles with some entertainment. You can check out a movie, games, nightclub or live theater - all available right in the heart of downtown!

For the introverted and the intimate

The budget-friendly

If your vibe is more “Netflix and chill” we think an indoor picnic is THE JAM. And have you seen these heart beach towels? Come on! So cute!

Photo credit: Jennifer Morrow Photography | Cake by Saltadena | Flowers by Erin Land

Photo credit: Jennifer Morrow Photography | Cake by Saltadena | Flowers by Erin Land

Clear out a space on your living room floor and spread the love with this soft terry cloth dream. Dress it up with some blooms, candles and your favorite take out if home cooking isn’t your thing (don’t worry, our cute plates can dress up whatever is on your menu.) And don’t forget some sweet dessert, because balance.

If you’re celebrating with friends, the more the merrier! Skip the candles and sub in some fun balloons and maybe a board game or two.

The high-roller

If you’re more of a socialite who’s up for adventure then book a room at the Heliotrope. Even if you’re a Bellingham resident an evening away is so restorative for the soul AND FUN. Still grab that beach towel to lay over the bed, sprinkle some flower petals around and grab a bottle of bubbly... for later!

A very happy couple checking into The Heliotrope Hotel

A very happy couple checking into The Heliotrope Hotel

Want to get out but avoid the crowds? The Pickford is playing Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella at 6 pm. And we suggest dinner or happy hour at Hundred North just down the street. (Just be sure to make reservations!)

For the extroverted and the adventurous

The budget-friendly

If extreme fun is your perfect date you can get some indoor rock-climbing in at Vital ($15 drop-in). Then hit the Wild Buffalo for 90’s night - “everything from Weezer to Wu-Tang” (free with student ID all night - all other attendees are FREE before 10 pm or $2 after).

All that climbing and jumping around is sure to build an appetite. The Black Sheep is a hot new spot with delicious tacos and margaritas directly across the street from “The Buff”. It’s perfect before or after your time travel to Nirvana and The Spice Girls.

The high-roller

OMG. Have you eaten at the secret gem that is Ciao Thyme? Regardless, your answer to an inventive, adventurous, and convivial meal is their Incognito Valentine’s Day.

Owners Jessica and Mataio invite you to dress up, find someone you’re sweet on, and hit their restaurant for a “9-course meal fit for Cupid”. Their long, banquet-style tables provide open conversation and the change to make some lovely new friends. Trust us, you’ll have plenty to chat about over the delicious local, seasonal and sustainable courses which make the whole night truly an experience.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Brittany O'Brien
Spruce Proprietress & Senior Designer


Dylan Green