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7 Best Pizza Places in Bellingham


GOAT MOUNTAIN Why? Because when we went to Rome we realized we’d never had good pizza before. When we returned, Goat Mountain had opened & we were saved. Pizza in the Roman style, so good it will make you want to stab Caesar yourself...& take his slice. Nice atmosphere in a cool building. Go!


PIZZAZZA Why? Because all the New Yorkers who moved to Bellingham wouldn’t shut up about how you can’t get good pizza here, and now it’s here. Hankering for that slice you got late at night after clubbing in Manhatten (that was you, wasn’t it?). This is the place to relive the taste. Two locations. 


LA FIAMMA Why? Because, as it turns out, eating NW thin crust, wood fired pizza is all that was missing from your day. Great atmosphere & outside dining. Rumor has it they worked on their dough recipe for 100 years, and it shows. Top notch restaurant and building. Walk up to the Pye Hole for slices.


MCKAYS TAPHOUSE Why? Because while not the best pizza, it’s good enough, & at $5 for three slices this is your best deal per calorie anywhere. Be ready for a dizzying array of beer choices, TVs everywhere, a fun & homey atmosphere. Come for the pizza/$, stay because you are too full to move.


OVN Why? Because, when you bake pizza at 1000 degrees it’s finished in one second & is so good you’d swear it came from your Neopolitan father’s pizza oven. Thin, crisp, and toppings so delicious you’ll forget you don’t even have a Neopolitan father. You pay extra for the missing e in Ovn. Right on the trail.


FAT PIE Why? Because if deep dish pizza is your thing, or if you just want to lounge on deck high above Fairhaven, or if you hate heights & you want to sit in a nice diningroom & get drinks to steady your nerves, or if you love wings, or if you want to have great service, or you love superior deep dish pizza...


NORTH FORK Why? Because while technically not Bellingham, it’s on the way back from Mt. Baker (which is kind of Bellingham, if Bellingham were a mountain) & is de rigueur for Hamsters on their way home. Excellent brewery & beer shrine (you’ll see), & serves a great pie. Back patio, too.

EASY WALK Cascade Pizza is just a few blocks away, has a bar and full Italian American menu. While it’s not going to win any culinary awards, many people love this Fountain District institution. They offer take out, or if you are feeling simply too tired to walk, see:

DELIVERY TO HOTEL Viking Foods delivers to the hotel from a host of restaurants. They have an app or ordervikingfood.com. McKay’s delivers until late: 360-647-3600.