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7 Best Breakfasts in Bellingham


DIAMOND JIM’S Why? Because it’s close and it’s classic. Roll out of bed, walk out the door, and 307 steps (count ‘em) later you’ll be sitting down to your standard, delicious, All-American diner breakfast. No lattes here, but lots of bacon. Popular. Lines on weekends. Not fancy-shmancy. Points 4 close. 


HOMESKILLET Why? Because it’s quirky & fun, and deliver on its promise of cheap, good food & lots of it. They’ve got attitude, loud colors, & lines out the door on Saturday and Sunday mornings, but breakfast all day in Sunnyland’s Lower West Side. Small, so don’t EVEN bother if you are a party of 5.


OLD TOWN CAFE Why? Because...quality ingredients, served with time- tested recipes, in a setting as comfortable as an old sweater. Want breakfast like Bellinghamster’s have had it for 30 years? Walk in, get on the list, it’s worth the wait. Homey & funky in the best sense. Natural, crunchy, and good.


KEENAN’S Why? Because the view...& the food...& the setting...& the service. It’s all there, top notch, on the pricier side, and you’ll want to bring your table manners. Once finished you are in prime position to walk Taylor Dock along the water or into Fairhaven. Patio dining on warmer mornings.


MAGDALENA’S CREPERIE Why? Because it’s a breakfast experience. Espresso well-pulled with nice presentation, tasty sweet and savory crepe with variety. Also has non-crepe egg-based breakfasts. Diningroom is comfortable. Just steps away from Village Books and walking trails.


HARRIS AVE CAFE Why? Because a breakfast here is PNW comfort food done right. Snuggled in with Bellingham’s original coffeehouse, older and better than Starbucks. You’ll have your breakfast in one of Fairhaven’s oldest and most charming settings. The back patio is a summer must. 

MT. BAKERY Why? Because it’s got fresh, quality baked goods, crepes to make you fondly recall Paris (even if you never went), and creative breakfasts made with good local ingredients. Good luck getting a table during Tour de France! Two locations: Downtown (charming!), Fairhaven (modern-er).

HONORABLE MENTIONS Avenue Bread has a number of locations and is a quality breakfast | AB Crepes is very popular with the college crowd | The Little Cheerful is well-loved and has a great name | The Daisy Cafe is bright and comfy | Cosmos really deserves to be number 8 | Shirlee Bird is tasty and tiny | Skylarks has its devotees