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Visitors Coming to Bellingham for the Holidays? Consider The Heliotrope Hotel your local guest bedroom

Space constraints in your home? Would you like to enjoy your guests, but also offer them - and you - some independence? When your loved ones come to visit for the holidays this year, treat them to a stay at The Heliotrope Hotel, ensuring everyone in your household sleeps in comfort. Plus, if they stay for two or more weekdays in a row, they save 10% off the entire visit. Book here to grab the deal!

Improve Your Holiday Visit With a Stay at The Heliotrope


Save Time and Energy.

Overwhelmed at the thought of prepping your home for guests - cleaning the house top to bottom, clearing out the guest room clutter, then doing it all over again when your family takes off? Hoping for camaraderie with family and friends, but with breaks for time apart? Skip the clean-up and constant connection of hosting at home, while treating your special guests to a nice get-away.

Have Reindeer in Tow? Opt for a Pet-Friendly Room.

Introducing the family pets to each other can be hit or miss: a heartwarming experience or a constant challenge. Keeping the animals together in close quarters may result in anxiety, fighting, and the marking of territory - or perhaps you prefer a pet free home altogether.

The Heliotrope Hotel has four pet-friendly rooms. The three Forest rooms are spacious with desks and mini fridges, and the Mount Baker room offers a separate living room and two hide-a-beds in addition to a comfortable queen bed.

Keep Family Close to Home.

If you happen to live in the Columbia, Lettered Streets, or Birchwood neighborhoods, The Heliotrope is right in your backyard, making it easy to drive or even walk between your home and the hotel. The Heliotrope’s central location also means it’s close to all of the holiday excitement.

Celebrate During the Day, Unwind at Night.

When family or friends come to visit, you likely try to make the most of each day, filling them to the brim. At the end of the day, everyone needs time to unwind, valuing personal space. A stay at The Heliotrope offers the opportunity for everyone to have their own time and space to unwind and reinvigorate for the next day.

Send off the Holidays with a Special Gift.

Local jeweler Apse Adorn has crafted eight gorgeous pieces representing aspects of Bellingham. The Sun Tracker necklace is a functional sundial designed in honor of the Heliotrope Hotel. It can serve as the perfect memento of a wonderful holiday visit.


The holidays can be a beautiful, magical, jam-packed time. Give yourself and your family and friends peace of mind each night to make each day together count.

Dylan Green