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Why Overworked Employees are Taking Short Midweek Breaks

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A fulfilling vacation isn’t just about relaxing. It is about leaving all the stressors behind and reconnecting with the things you love. A vacation is a break from your worries, a chance to process and reset. A get-away doesn’t have to be long or expensive, either. A well-spent day can be just what the mind and body need to feel rejuvenated.

The elements of a great vacation vary from person to person. It may mean a quick getaway with a significant other, or quiet time out in nature. It may involve eating incredible cuisine at a variety of restaurants or sipping cocktails while playing cards. But there are two key factors that bring every great vacation together: change of scenery and change of pace.

It’s a formidable challenge to take a vacation at home or work, because of the difficulty of removing yourself from day-to-day worries when looking at the same old messes and unfinished projects. A vacation should take you away from your worries, not plant you in the middle of them.

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One monthly, overnight vacation is actually more restorative than a month-long vacation twice a year, even though the latter is considerably longer. This is because the positive effects of a vacation wane after 3-4 weeks. No matter how lax or luxurious, a vacation has an expiration date. The most optimized vacation schedule is to take one or two days off as needed.

Once you’ve given yourself permission to take a break, we invite you to join us at The Heliotrope Hotel. Each room has unique details inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Every evening, visitors gather at the fire pit to share stories and conversation (see ‘smores consumption above!). The relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff contribute to calm and connection, too.

What’s more, a mid-week vacation is less expensive and quieter at The Heliotrope Hotel. With fewer crowds than weekends, the same beautiful rooms are available at an even better price. Bellingham is the perfect setting, far enough away from Seattle or Vancouver to get away from it all, but not so far that it takes half the vacation to get there.

We make it our mission to provide a serene and friendly home away from home, just an hour and a half from both Seattle and Vancouver. The Heliotrope is located within walking distance of downtown Bellingham. To see more of what Bellingham - the city of subdued excitement - has to offer, visit A Millennial's Guide to Bellingham.

Dylan Green