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The Best Microbrews in Bellingham

Here at the Heliotrope, we consider Oktoberfest a way to kick off a month of celebrating local brews. There is a microbrewery around every corner in Bellingham. We thought we’d introduce you to some of our favorites. Check out the estimated cost for a ride from the hotel to the microbrewery, estimate walking time (for those within walking distance), and additional features.

Bellingham Microbreweries

Bellingham Beer

Kulshan Brewing Company

Perhaps the most popular local brewer, Kulshan has grown from a small family venture to two thriving locations. The James Street beer garden is a great hangout space to bring your dog and chow down with the rotating food truck, while the Kentucky Street taproom is the place to try 20 beers and buy up to a keg of your favorite.

  • Est. Uber/Lyft cost: ~$10

  • Features: rotating food trucks, room for rent at Kentucky Street location

Boundary Bay Brewery

The oldest brewery in Bellingham, Boundary Bay has stood the test of time and has only become a warmer and livelier place to share a drink. The restaurant has a charming, family-friendly atmosphere and an outdoor stage featuring live music.

  • Est. Uber/Lyft cost: ~$9

  • Features: full food-menu including kids, live-music

Menace Brewing

Just down the street from The Heliotrope, Menace Brewing is the neighborhood hotspot. The small crew is dedicated to refining each recipe to perfection. Their spiced chili bravo beer is popular for its flavorful yet tame taste. Pop in any night for delicious, rotating food trucks like La Gloria’s tacos and burritos, or The Wurst Wagon for hotdogs and accoutrements.

  • Est. walk time from hotel: 4 min

  • Est. Uber/Lyft cost: ~$7

  • Features: rotating food trucks, outdoor seating year-round

Twin Sisters

This new brewery deserves a warm welcome. Each of their pale ales is full of fruity flavors and aromas. Their nitro stout is served over nitrogen for a silky texture. Twin Sisters celebrates the unique flavors that arise from careful, patient brewing. Plus, they have a sizeable indoor and outdoor space perfect for groups large or small.

  • Est. walk time from hotel: 20 min

  • Est. Uber/Lyft cost: ~$8

  • Features: full-menu, outdoor seating year-round

Elizabeth Station

Ok, this one isn’t a microbrewery, but it calls itself “A Premier Northwest Beer Market” featuring many local and international beers. One of the friendliest spots in all of Bellingham, Elizabeth Station is a great place to relax and meet locals and travelers alike. The pub - with a food truck out front - brings in the best beers and ciders from around the world, and a few choice wines to top it off.  

  • Est. walk time from hotel: 12 min

  • Est. Uber/Lyft cost: ~$7

  • Features: rotating food trucks, outdoor seating year-round, snacks available

Aslan Brewery

Few visit Bellingham without having a beer at this charming brewpub that focuses on sustainable practices and organic ingredients. Just two blocks from the center of town, Aslan Brewery is always lively, whether hosting parties or events, playing the latest sports game, or releasing a new beer or food special. Hungry? Pair your beer with something from Aslan’s stellar menu, including a warming rice bowl, bacon bison burger, a killer caesar salad, and  mix-and-match tacos.

  • Est. Uber/Lyft cost: ~$9

  • Features: full food-menu including kids

Wander Brewing

This Bellingham microbrewery is a favorite with locals, pouring adventure into a bottle using experimental brewing and fermenting styles. Their beer ferments just feet away from the tasting area and food trucks are constantly popping by to feed the hungry masses. The paper airplane logo reminds patrons to remember that life is a journey and uniqueness should be celebrated.

  • Est. walk time from hotel: 20 min

  • Est. Uber/Lyft cost: ~$8

  • Features: rotating food trucks, outdoor seating year-round

Stones Throw Brewing Co.

IPA fans flock to this young Fairhaven brewery. The six taps are in constant rotation between dozens of flavors with a special emphasis on dark and daring brews. Their small taproom welcomes live music frequently and their cozy outdoor spaces include fire pits, heat lamps, foliage, and friends.

  • Est. Uber/Lyft cost: ~$14

  • Features: rotating food trucks, outdoor seating year-round, outdoor heat lamps and games

Melvin Brewing

Get ready to get funky. This spot, just minutes away from us, boasts kung foo, hip-hop and all things Melvin. Think pales, IPAs, DIPAs, lagers, American styles, Belgians and more - all made by Melvin. Definitely recommend them for lunch, happy hour, and/or dinner.

  • Est. walk time from hotel: 4 min

  • Est. Uber/Lyft cost: ~$7

  • Features: a funky vibe and full menu

Lost Giants

Three friends from Kulshan Brewing decided to branch out and make a different kind of brew – cider! The team started a friendly competition with other local cider brewers in the hopes of nurturing a greater interest in cider in the local community. We’re already big fans! Proof? As part of our rotating growler program, you may find  an empty Lost Giants growler in your hotel room.

  • Est. Uber/Lyft cost: ~$10

  • Features: intimate taproom

Visiting breweries from out of town? Stay at our downtown hotel. Hot tip: stay mid-week and explore the breweries when the lines are much, much shorter - check out our mid-week hotel specials to save on dough, too

Dylan Green